DINAH – ambient synth pop

DINAH is Mya Audrey’s handwriting as a songwriter and sound designer. After several years of playing in acoustic formation she spreads out on electronic landscapes and gives her dreamy pop songs another width and personal touch. Together with American guitarist and producer Owen Ross and German drummer and beat maker Jörn Bielfeld they create a unique sound from analog synth eighties elements, taped voices and sound samples with urban beats.


SONGCIRCLE STAGE – live stage and networking platform for songwriters in Berlin, Zürich, Vienna & Budapest

Mya Audrey founded the platform for songwriters in 2014 in Berlin after releasing and touring with her acoustic album „Wayfaring Trails“ throughout Switzerland and Germany.
Overwelmed by the creative music scene of this melting point she was searching for likeminded artists and made it possible to exchange and present each other their music. The stages allow newcomers to tour in other countries and get the support of another local act that shares the night to gain a local audience.





SCHWARZ – electro pop (Mya Audrey – keyboards)

SCHWARZ is Roland Meyer de Voltaire, singer, songwriter and producer. His music is film music without film, orchestral spheres with electronic beats, united by a rare courage to great emotions, to feel self-indulgent. Hereby Meyer de Voltaire opens a new chapter after his band Voltaire.
The atmospheric density of the sound of SCHWARZ is reminiscent of electronic pioneers like Woodkid or Moderat, fans of Hurts or Depeche Mode should also feel at home. A musical visionary and creator of electronic sound sculptures that tell their own story.
SCHWARZ Live At Funkhaus Studio Berlin

ALINA AMURI – neo soul, hiphop, reggae groove (Mya Audrey – keyboards)

ALINA AMURI grown up in Zurich Switzerland, has intently explored herself and found her Congolese roots, and she is leading us through the history of black music to its cultural roots with unique charm. From Detroit, via Harlem and Memphis, she is taking us to the deep American South and, with a stopover in Jamaica, all the way towards Africa. Wholly committed to the great tradition of soul of Marvin Gaye or Aretha Franklin, Alina avoids the shallow R’n’B productions of today’s mainstream.

Daughter live @Sofarsounds, Zürich

Baloise Session, 2018