Luna – Tut Nicht Mehr Weh (Live at Stadtschloss Weimar), 2023
Luna – Schwimmen (Live at Stadtschloss Weimar), 2023
Louka – Tier (Live at Tonscheune Oleak), 2023
Live at `Late Night Berlin` with Luna, 2022
Live Session with LUNA, Vevo DSCVR, London, UK, 2022
`Weihnachten Forever` with Alexander Knappe, 2022
`Doobie` Live at Planet Earth with Phileas, 2021
`Eternal Refrain` live at Planet Earth with Phileas, 2021
Live at UFO Studios, Berlin with Gidon Carmel & Sophie Sutton, 2021
Live Session at Oakmilk Studios, Berlin with Ay Wing, 2021
Songpoeten Session with Alexander Knappe & Symphonie Orchester Europa, 2021
Lockdown Solo Session at home,
Berlin, 2020
The Circle Session with Lxandra, Berlin, 2019
Live at Schweiger Studios, Berlin with DINAH, 2018
Live at Baloise Session, Basel with Alina Amuri, 2018
Live Session at Funkhaus, Berlin with SCHWARZ, 2017